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My name is Liza but many know me by my family name, Bay.

I grew up in Calgary in a multi-generational Filipino family. We had a humble home, always full of family and friends. 


For years, I shared a small bedroom with my Mom and Grandma.  I didn’t have my own room until I was a teenager.  And when I had the chance to put things where I wanted and make it look a certain way, I embraced it with every bit of me! My room was my jam!  I loved inviting my friends to my own space. On weekends, I would make all kinds of noise dragging my furniture around trying new layouts. My family always knew, “Bay’s moving things around again.”

I have always loved creating beautiful spaces for family and friends, getting my hands dirty on a DIY project around the house, floral design, and creating in the kitchen.  But I also love working with people, which brought me into a social services career where I worked with families facing cancer, people living with disabilities, and the aging population.  And that’s where my love of homes and experiences with families connect.  I understand the need for families to have a soft place to land at the end of the day. 

It’s important to make your space feel like home.  Whether you’re looking to redecorate one room or refresh the whole house, I want to help you create a space where everyone feels welcome, a space that tells your story, and a space that is loved. 

Here’s to family and falling in love with your home!


Hello there!

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